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Seeking Nirvana

Release Day Countdown

Three Weeks

Welcome back.

Wow, time seems to be flying by. Only another 3 weeks until the release of Seeking Nirvana, with the cover reveal taking place on the 1st June. Safe to say I am a bottle of pop at the moment, and I hope you're just as excited as I am :)

As promised, here is excerpt #2 of Seeking Nirvana. You can find the first excerpt lower down.
I hope you enjoy.

Excerpt #2

Bright spots danced across my eyes as I flipped on the light switch on the left hand wall, lighting the smallish bathroom. I took care of my business, and on shaky legs, stood myself up, the world spinning and sloping once again. Thankfully the washbasin wasn't too far away, so I clutched onto it for dear life before my legs buckled under my weight.

I may had been out cold for four days and conscious for about thirty-six hours, but considering the last recollection I had was celebrating my twenty-fourth birthday, when I gazed into that mirror above the basin, I hadn't seen myself in three years, and I was met with a complete stranger.

I screwed my eyes shut as tight as I could, pleading that when I opened them, the person staring back at me would be one that I remembered. But there must not have been any shooting stars as I made my wish that night, because when I opened them again...the stranger was still staring back.

My thick, blond, shoulder-length hair was dark and dreary, virtually wire looking. That, I could pass off as just needing washing. My eyes weren't as bright as what I once saw. My skin wasn't as flawless as it had been the last time I studied my reflection, and I'm not just talking about the black eye, swollen cheekbone, split lip and scrapes that had white tape stuck on each side of my brow, that stared back at me from the accident. Panicked and alarmed, I watched as my lip trembled and my wrinkles grew deeper.

Freeing my hand from the basin, I leaned in closer to the mirror. My fingers gingerly found their way to my face, and I wished more than anything that my fingertips could erase the creases which spread from the corners of my eyes, when they grazed across them.

That was another wish that failed to come true.
The only thing that remained the same was my nose...still straight and narrow.

There's no such thing as a minuscule change when you've lost years. Everything is just...there, right in front of your face, goading you. Every single change, even down to the change of my hair parting, the span of my brow because my hairline seemed to be a millimeter further back than it was when I was twenty-four, is all too clear, too distinct.

Each variant of my face had a story behind it: when did I notice my first wrinkle and what was I doing at the time? How did I react when my laugh lines refused to stay dormant until I actually laughed? When did my eyes become dimmer with knowledge that I no longer possessed? It made me realize that it's not only monumental factors of the last three years that have escaped my memory bank; it's the minuscule things, too.

Thank you for reading. I hope you enjoyed.
Check back next week for the third excerpt.

Much love,
V.L. xxx

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